Atech Conference

Atech Conference

October 26 – 28, 2017

ATECH Conference is a meeting of entrepreneurial minds where startup founders, investors, innovative companies, industry stakeholders and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world come together to exchange knowledge and ideas. Here you can read all about the 2015 edition of the Atech Conference.

ATECH Values and Value Proposition: # 1 Make Connections

Discover investment opportunities and engage in intimate networking with global experts, investors, business leaders

ATECH Conference is the first tech conference of its kind in the Caribbean focused on startups and entrepreneurship.

“A three-day beehive of activity at the epicenter of the Caribbean’s startup ecosystem: Aruba


Technological innovation is a powerful source of productivity and growth, especially when bourne by startups and young entrepreneurs. ATECH provides a platform and global network for entrepreneurs to ideate, build and scale their technology enabled products and services.

Vision & Mission ATECH Non-Profit Foundation

ATECH is a for purpose initiative with a mission to develop the startup and technology ecosystem in Aruba and the Caribbean region through community, an annual tech conference (education and network building), a startup accelerator and seed funding.

ATECH leverages its global network of investors and ecosystem builders to provide entrepreneurs in the region with an alternative launch pad. In other words, ATECH is a collaborative platform to help the Caribbean leapfrog onto the global stage.

ATECH Values and Value Proposition: #2 Give Back

“Support the development of the Aruba startup ecosystem and (local and international) entrepreneurs by attending, sharing ideas or giving feedback”


Be a global open-source platform with numerous hubs in the Caribbean that generates, invests in, and supports innovative ideas that make an impact in the world.


Create a thriving innovation hub in Aruba for local and regional startups that will spur economic growth and contribute to the diversification of the Caribbean economy. The future of the Caribbean economy depends on our teachings and support of its young leaders to build companies that can compete on a global scale. ATECH provides a platform for this and more.


The local startup tech ecosystem is at an embryonic stage but ATECH, in less than 2 years, has already reached some major milestones, including:

  • Put Aruba on the map as an alternative hub for digital nomads and entrepreneurs
  • Organized numerous entrepreneurship events, including:
    • Future of Travel hackathon in Aruba
    • Sharing economy hackathon New York in collaboration with Ouishare, WeWork and Fiverr (aka Hackollaborate)
    • Startup meetups in Curacao, Aruba, Amsterdam, Las Vegas and New Orleans
  • Featured in 15+ major international tech and business magazines
  • Guided and mentored 10+ local entrepreneur teams who are building innovative services/products to compete on a global scale
  • Collaborated on the opening of a non-profit makerspace / 3D printing lab for students and youth
  • Collaborated with the Aruba government to setup Startup Aruba, an open-source initiative to serve as a facilitator for startups in Aruba and remove red-tape
  • Lobbied for the introduction for a soon to be announced A-Pass (Aruba Startup Visa)

ATECH Values and Value Proposition: # 3 Build Community

Engage with a global community of change-makers and explore collaboration

About ATECH Conference 2016
ATECH conference was held for the second time on the sunny island of Aruba on September 15 – 17, 2016


ATECH is held in Palm Beach, Aruba. Centrally located and a short drive to the downtown area’s historical buildings and vibrant city center.