Love Festival Aruba



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November 3 – 5 2017

The Love is growing and so are we. The Love Experience now includes a Caribbean Area. This aptly ambiance will be the platform to showcase the best local artists and bands. We took care of everybody and everything. Tropical beats represent.

Those who have been, know it. True to its name, this event it’s all about love. Love for each other, love for the universe and especially love for music. ​Wandering to the exotic island of Aruba is no hassle at all. Wherever you may be, Aruba is a direct (or to the max, a couple of) flight away. The moment you set foot on Aruba, you will realize you have arrived at a special place; a place filled with happy faces. Soon you’ll find out why we are called the “One Happy Island”. So if you consider Aruba a treat, then think of Love Festival the cherry on top. We are flying over some top international DJs and asking our local superstars to play their grooviest beats. Know that Love Festival keeps it in a intimate setting by avoiding super big stages, where the lights take over the essence of the music. Aruba’s star lit sky is all the firework we need. During the day you have many options. Join the sick pool party raving everyday with live DJs, get to know the island by land or by sea with your friends, or just recharge your batteries lying under the sun. At night, we got you covered! From lounge parties to the festival nights, be ready to rave.

So what are you waiting for? Come on over to this side of the fabulous life with Love Festival in Aruba. Have the experience your friends wished they would’ve had! Or better yet, get everybody on board! We’re sure you will have a great time with old, but also new friends and together make memories. ​Come and experience The Love Experience!

Early Bird tickets, weekend and VIP passes are available online and through several retail locations. For more information on tickets and travel packages, please visit

Love Goes Green

Aruba is blessed with magnificent beaches which need to be cherished at all times. Therefore, all the food packaging on the festival site are made of biodegradable material. A dedicated cleaning crew will keep the beach clean at all times, and visitors will see plenty of trash bins located around the festival area.


Eagle Beach Aruba is considered one of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. It’s famous for its wide stretch of pristine soft white sands. Voted #3 in the World and #1 in the Southern Caribbean, there is just no better place to hold this event. The beach is wide enough to host the approximately three thousand festival-goers expected this year.

Eagle Beach is located right between the low-rise and high-rise hotel area on the South Coast of the island with plenty access to public transportation, shopping malls, restaurants, as well as the police station and the hospital right across the street.


This year’s lineup of DJ’s is a sample of local and international talents. Some of the most memorable moments from previous years came from Aruban DJ’s like Daniville, Nutzbeatz, Mesquitas and Le Bonx. Among the international DJ’s that already confirmed their performance at the Love Festival 2017, we are happy to announce:


Electro Sunshine • Donnie Lowe • FIin • Mike van Loon • Sebastian Morxx • Riot Gear • Roxy Delgado • Rupert • Tony Guerra • Vainc

Gilson • Hendrick woods • Jeremy Volt • John Rossilow• Jorick Croes • Kenny Kelly • Kristian-d • Le Bonx • Lee Croes • Mesquitas • Nutzbeatz • Oscar Booy • Salvatore • Phattunez • Reinier • RJ

Ataniro • Jeon • Le Groove • Quality brassband • Tsunami

*The Pool Party is held at: Renaissance Resort
The schedule is subject to changes.
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